Online chemistry tutoring, classes and exam preparation
for high schoolers given by Dr. Cristina Gherasim

Online chemistry tutoring, classes and exam preparation for
high schoolers given by Dr. Cristina Gherasim


Strong expertise

After struggling with chemistry during high school, I've got passionate about it and went all in: BS in chemistry (3.86 GPA), MS in chemistry (3.93 GPA), and then also Ph.D. in chemistry.

I've been teaching and tutoring only chemistry for 20 years at high school and college-level and so got to master and teach this difficult subject across different curricula.

I know how to best study chemistry, solve complicated problems, and prepare for exams. This solid mastery of chemistry powers my lessons and tutoring and makes my students confident & ace their classes and exams.


Experienced chemistry teacher and tutor

In my almost 20 years of classroom teaching and private tutoring, I’ve seen thousands of struggling students and helped them succeed.

I’ve refined and distilled this experience and teaching expertise in my own step-by-step no-fluff GET 10 METHOD: the FAST, easy, and fun way of getting students master chemistry, love it, and make it their favorite subject.

The result is building both rock-solid chemistry knowledge and advanced learning skills to accompany students for the rest of their life and help them succeed in college and future jobs.


Personalized efficient method, fast progress

Wasting time with no- or little results is a killer for busy high-school students.

My students say my step-by-step no-fluff GET 10 METHOD helps them save precious time, ditch the information overload, focus on the right things, and learn better, faster and easier. 

This way they get solid knowledge in the shortest time, build confidence and look forward to their tests and exams. I keep parents informed on the student’s progress and results so that they no longer worry about their teens not being on track.

Is your teen one of millions of students

  • Frustrated by not understanding chemistry from his class and struggling with solving problems?
  • Stressed and without confidence, getting poor grades, and worrying about passing his exams?
  • Tired and overwhelmed, searching the internet, and not seeing an improvement?
  • Just doing fine in the class but not getting the A's they need for college?
  • Dreaming of getting into Science College or Med School so need to master chemistry for that?
  • Done wasting time memorizing with no results and no boosted confidence?
  • Wanting to ditch all the stress and overwhelm? Want to get only the information he needs, all questions answered, and FINALLY learn chemistry fast and with pleasure and ACE  it?
Yes 😢 What can I do better?


9 Steps How to Ace Chemistry Guide

learn chemistry fast. boost your grades. no more stress. pass exams with confidence!!


Get it now!!

Hi! I'm Dr. Cristina Gherasim and I help high school students learn chemistry FAST so that they boost their grades and ace exams with confidence

I'm happy to guide your teen towards learning chemistry efficiently step-by-step with my GET 10 METHOD, permanent support, and feedback.

Are you done trying to figure it out alone? Of course you are.
Want your teen to finally ACE chemistry? You are in the right place for it.
Do you want him to learn fast and with pleasure, at home & at his own pace and at the time he prefers? Yes, sure! I'll show you how to learn chemistry the easy way.


You stop losing time and money on not-working cheap emergency tutoring and instead get your teen to learn the right way with my GET 10 METHOD and heading onto a clear path to success.
He stops being overwhelmed and stressed but instead, he is confident and happy both in the class and at home.
He finally aces his chemistry class and gets top grades for tests.
He aces his exams with confidence and gets into the college or med school of your dreams.

It only takes one efficient chemistry program using my GET 10 METHOD.

Let's make it happen.


This is how we get there...

Because no stress, increasing confidence, boosting grades, and passing exams need targeted and efficient action. Say GOODBYE to D.I.Y. and wasting time and money. Get Results With HANDS-ON Support Tailored to Your Teen's Learning Needs and Goals! Start Learning Chemistry FAST Today with my NO FLUFF STEP-BY-STEP GET 10 METHOD developed and tested in 20 years of teaching and tutoring chemistry and only chemistry.

Here is how I can help your teens out with High School Chemistry (Regular, AP, GCSE, IGCSE, O Level, A-Level, IB) and First-Year College Chemistry (Gen Chem I & II, Introductory Chemistry, MCAT):


Online tutoring

GCSE, IGCSE, O-level, A-level, IB, High school Chemistry, AP Chemistry

Does COVID-19 make learning difficult for your teens? Do they need help with school homework and test prep?

Are you done worrying about their chemistry grades and exam preparation?

Ready to ditch the information overwhelm, reclaim your time as a busy parent, and finally fast track your teen's learning goals with a pro? 

Get personalized instruction and all questions answered during 1-on-1 and group tutoring sessions so that your teen understands everything and learns on a solid foundation. 


Online chemistry classes

Live online chemistry classes for various curricula

Learn chemistry concepts fast and effectively with clear and no-fluff explanations given by an experienced and proficient teacher with 20 years of chemistry tutoring and class teaching experience.

Practice with carefully chosen exercises so that students learn how to apply concepts and solve problems.

Study chemistry anywhere and at any time that suits you with these affordable live classes with recordings available and get precious support for studies and exam preparation.


Exam revision programs

Online group programs for various curricula with live teaching & full student support

Does COVID-19 make learning difficult for your teens? Are they left behind and you worry about the upcoming exams?

Do you want them to revise for the exam the right way so that they don't waste time? Want them to get top prepared so that they can ACE their exams with confidence?

Join the STEP-BY-STEP TEACHER GUIDED group program for the specific curriculum your teens are studying and so help them learn FAST and fully supported throughout the learning process.

Let's do it together with my GET 10 stress-free 20 years tested efficient method that takes the guesswork out of their learning and saves time in their busy schedule.


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Monique W. (The Netherlands)

Cristina is absolutely amazing to work with and she helped my daughter so much with her chemistry class! She is nice, professional, passionate about teaching, and approachable and it was always a pleasure to discuss with her about my daughter progress. Due to her extensive teaching experience, she was able to assess my daughter immediately and make a plan to fill her gaps fast. She was tutoring my daughter online and it was just working great while being also extremely convenient for us. I highly recommend Cristina to anyone needing a chemistry teacher and tutor!

Esmy L. (US)

I highly recommend Dr. Cristina. Cristina is currently tutoring my 16-year-old son twice a week. We live in the United States, and she tutors him over Zoom. My son is homeschooled and Cristina develops all the weekly lessons for his Chemistry lesson. She not only develops the lessons but also grades and sends weekly emails detailing how my son is performing in the Zoom class and in his homework [….] Even more, she inspires my son to consider careers that will utilize the skills he is learning in chemistry. Because Cristina connects chemistry to every day life, this makes the learning of chemistry less intimidating. Cristina is approachable, passionate, and professional. In my son words, she is "cool, smart, and loves what she does". If you are looking for a chemistry tutor to provide a full chemistry program for you, Cristina is well-equipped to do just that. Similarly, if you are seeking support for your child as he or she takes a high school chemistry course or an Introductory College Chemistry course, Cristina has the necessary credentials and experience to help your child feel confident and achieve some success in chemistry.

This could be you

Monique B. (US)

My son enjoyed very much the online tuition with Cristina! He appreciates her great explanations for theory and exercises and her guidance for learning the right way. Cristina is always nice, professional, and approachable and she keeps me up to date with my son’s work and progress. She had to re-teach everything he hasn’t done properly at school and she also planned all his work to catch up and get on the schedule. That’s so much work but it is worth it! He is so happy he understands chemistry and can make calculations and solve problems now. He finally got an A for his chemistry test! Thank you so much, Cristina! I cannot thank you enough for the passion, involvement, and help! I wish you were his chemistry teacher!

Sarah M. (UK)

My daughter was confused, overwhelmed, and with no idea where to start and how to learn. Her chemistry class was just too difficult for her and she was not able to keep up with the learning and do her homework. But with your explanations, everything got clear and she feels now everything makes sense and she is doing great in the class now. She feels now that chemistry is easier than she ever thought and is dreaming to study Pharmacy. Thank you for the help and inspiration, Cristina! You are a lifesaver!

Maria G. (The Netherlands)

Thank you so much for making Chemistry so easy! I was lost and did not get it from my teacher at school at all! I was so surprised I understand everything with you, your teaching method is so clear! I could learn fast all the things I was missing and were stopping me from understanding my lessons at school! I’ve been passing my class solely because of your lessons, your detailed explanations and help with exercising supported my fast-paced class and helped me finally get an A!! I will recommend your tuition to anyone needing help for their class, it is so helpful!

Alex M. (UK)

I highly recommend Cristina, she is a very experienced, nice, and passionate teacher! She explains everything clearly and concisely and it is so much fun to learn with her! I never felt when the lessons were ready, her teaching is engaging and the time just flies when switching between working on exercises and listening to the explanations...It is never boring and I felt so good and confident at school when seeing I am finally able to answer most of the questions and work through difficult exercises! These lessons greatly enhanced my understanding of Chemistry, I would not pass my tests and class without your help. Thank you!