Online chemistry tutoring, classes and exam preparation for high schoolers given by Dr. Cristina Gherasim

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Give your child the help they need from an experienced teacher and save the time and stress wasted with endless web-searching and painful memorizing

Is your child struggling with difficult chemistry?

His school teacher doesn't make sense or goes too fast? Did chemistry stop making sense some time ago?

His school books are just heavyweights lifted daily in his backpack?

The exercises are too difficult and so is the homework?

50 browser tabs are opened and he stays up long hours reading and binge-watching a mashup of videos that go nowhere?

It is not his fault!

Everyone gets stuck while studying and especially chemistry. Sometimes students just need a different teaching method, another kind of explanation, watch a video in order to get a fresh perspective or to be able to tackle a new problem. 


If you are SO DONE with your child learning long hours by painful memorizing and with students-tutors That Have Zero Teaching Experience...

Overpromise But Leave You Right Where You Started

Keep Reading 

And take a breath! 

I'm here to help!

If you want your child to...

Understand chemistry

Solve problems like the class nerd

Get better grades

Ace chemistry exams

You're in the right place.

I help students learn chemistry fast with no more stress and sleepless nights by taking them by the hand and guiding them step-by-step with my Get 10 Method that makes them understand chemistry and pass exams like a boss 😉



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Students seeking continuous improvement and boosting of their school grades use tutoring regularly for the best results.
With GET 10 Satisfaction Guarantee, your child can try online tutoring risk-free for 15 days and then cancel anytime before the end of the subscription period.


Flexible learning

Online tutoring is engaging, dynamic and increasingly more appealing to busy students. Schedule online tutoring sessions to fit your schedule, save commuting time and let your child learn from the comfort of your house.


Personalized & effective learning 

Being a subject expert with 15+ years of teaching chemistry and only chemistry, I know how to make learning easier and to create the best learning experience. This allows students to accelerate their learning, get better grades and build self-confidence.


Safe place to learn online

As a parent, you can assist in the lessons and get to know how your child is learning. You will be informed regularly about the progress of your child and about the way he performs during the lessons, processes the feed-back and completes the task assigned.